Attendance 2016/17

86% of the children achieved attendance over 95%

29(25%)children  achieved attendance between 99-100%

16 children achieved attendance between 92-95%

4 childrenachieved attendance below 90%

Attendance Data 16-17
Sessions missed due to absence %3.9
% absent for 10% or more sessions8.85.6

The children with below 90% attendance are made up of 5 Nursery children, 1 Reception, 1 year 1 and 1 year 4.

Parents are informed of their child's attendance on the annual school report.

Staff are told to monitor the children whos attendance falls below 95%.

Office staff monitor patterns in absences.

Parents are contacted if office staff are not informed about an absence.

   Mrs Toole (Headteacher) will make home visits for any children refusing to come to school.