Our School Ethos and values

Our Vision

Our vision at East Rainton Primary School is to create a calm, caring and inclusive community where everyone works together to provide a successful school and an excellent all round education for our children.


In doing this;


  • We believe that given the right opportunities there is no limit to a child’s potential.
  • We encourage all children by listening to them, nurturing them and by challenging them in the most appropriate way.
  • We will promote justice, fairness and equality in all areas of school life.
  • We will respect all members of the school community and value everyone equally.

We will all aim to work together to;

Foster behaviour which enables children to have
respect for themselves and others; to act responsibly and with an awareness of
boundaries and be able to resolve conflict through dialogue.

Create a curriculum that will be broad and balanced, matched to the needs of each child.

Matching provision to need, using our resources and teaching styles effectively.

 Provide high quality teaching which is driven by high expectations.

 Provide a positive and stimulating environment with a wide range of opportunities where each child feels happy, valued and safe.

 Take pride in our environment and make sure it will be well maintained.

 Ensure that each child becomes independent in their attitude and ability to learn and not be afraid to make mistakes.

 Value the opinions of everyone, offering support to all staff and maintaining a consistent approach in an atmosphere of trust and mutual respect.

 Help children evaluate their own goals through a variety of experiences.

We encourage development of relationships which are based on openness, trust, tolerance, honesty and understanding in order to develop children’s self esteem and confidence.

Develop a positive relationship with parents and endeavour to strengthen our links with the village community and increase our awareness of global issues.


We hope that all children will leave our school with high self esteem, an understanding of right and wrong and an awareness of their place in the world whilst retaining a sense of individuality and, above all, a zest for life!



East Rainton Primary School British Values Statement