Class 5

Science at Hetton School

Class 5 went to Hetton School for a Science lesson.

In the Science lab we had to wear safety goggles and we used lots of different equipment including conical flasks and filter paper. We mixed acid and powder until it was completely dissolved. Then we filtered the solution and poured it into a dish. After 2 weeks we should have some crystals. 

After that we had lots of fun with the Van De Graaff generator. The static electricity it produced made our hair stand on end!
Finally we watched an experiment called Elephant's toothpaste - yellow oozing foam was created as a result of a chemical reaction.
We thought our science lesson was really cool!


Welcome to Class 5

Being in Year 6 brings many new challenges and opportunities.

As trained Play Leaders, Year 6 organise lunchtime clubs for the younger children in school. They also help the Nursery and Reception children in the Dining Hall every day.

PE is every Wednesday and Friday with a coach from CNS Sports.

There is the opportunity to visit Derwent Hill for a residential visit in the Summer term.

SAT’s will take place in the week beginning Monday 14th May 2018 so make sure you are in school all this week!

At the end of Year 6 there will be chance to complete Bike ability training and to visit your chosen secondary school.

I hope you enjoy your time in Year 6.

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This term out topic is Meet the Ancestors.

Take a look below to find out what we will be learning

Mrs Gates

Class 5 homework

Children in Class 5 are given spellings on a Monday. They need to learn them ready for a test on a Friday.

Maths, English  and Science homework is set on a Friday and needs to be returned to school by the following Wednesday 

If any help is needed with homework please see Mrs Gates before it is due to be handed in!